Press Bio

Influenced by ‘the individual’ and the complex world we live in, Bec’s dark and emotively driven works often take on a haunting dream-like quality. Set amongst vast, surreal landscapes, figures are often shown isolated or in conflict with another. Blending and twisting into the other or their environment, muted and weary eyed, it remains obscure as to whether the figures are ‘one and the same’ or struggling with another.

With a passion for fine art and roots firmly embedded in drawing, Bec combines strong line work with a particular attention to shadow, creating dramatic ‘chiaroscuro’ within her work.

Bec Dennison was born in Melbourne, Australia. Graduating with a First Class Degree in Graphic Art from Victoria University in 2003, she spent the next 2 years traveling before settling in London. Bec has designed graphics and artwork for various apparel brands, CD album art and tattoo designs. She has exhibited in her home town of Melbourne and with ‘The Exemplars’ group shows in London.

2011 saw her first collaborative show with long time friend and fellow artist Luke Embden presented at Studio55; the ‘creative platform’ created by apparel company 55DSL. Titled ‘INVADERS OF THE LOST MASKS’ the show focused on themes of collaboration and clashing and showcased the duo’s opposing styles, twisting them together to bring “irony and humor to the dark and surreal”.

2012 saw the duo invited back to collaborate with 55DSL in a group show at their new store located in East London’s BOXPARK pop-up container mall.